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Tienda Mexicana La Katty Joins Downtown Bluffton, Bringing Authentic Flavors and Culture to Wells County

Tienda Mexicana La Katty Joins Downtown Bluffton, Bringing Authentic Flavors and Culture to Wells County

The Wells County Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the arrival of Tienda Mexicana La Katty, a vibrant addition to downtown Bluffton, located at 202 W Market Street. To mark the occasion, a ribbon-cutting celebration was organized by the Chamber’s staff and Ambassadors.

Owner, Norma Alicia Nowarijo, is a native of Matamoros Tamaulipas, Mexico, has proudly introduced Tienda Mexicana La Katty to provide an array of grocery items and supplies hailing from both Mexico and Guatemala. Her passion for preserving her culture and catering to the needs of the community has inspired this exciting venture.

Norma’s multicultural background and strong family ties have played a significant role in shaping Tienda Mexicana La Katty. “My parents are from Mexico, and my husband is from Guatemala, so we had to make sure we offered food and supplies from both areas,” said Norma. “Family is very important to me. We wanted to fill a need in our community for products that are related to our culture.”

The store’s name carries a special significance as it is named after Norma’s daughter, emphasizing the importance of family throughout this endeavor. The store aims to bring a piece of home to Wells County, making cultural products more accessible to the local population.

Tienda Mexicana La Katty offers a diverse range of products, including grocery staples, beauty items, and household essentials. One of their specialties is sweet bread, a beloved treat in their culture, perfect for pairing with coffee. Additionally, the store provides assistance for sending money back home to Mexico, with Norma utilizing her experience as a translator to help customers navigate the system and answer any questions they may have.

Bilingual in Spanish and English, Norma is dedicated to fostering a sense of community and unity. “My main goal is to connect with my Hispanic roots and get other Hispanics in our community to know that we are here to help. I want people to know that I am here to assist you, no matter your culture or religion.”

Tienda Mexicana La Katty also tantalizes taste buds with special authentic Mexican food every Saturday from 11:30am to 4pm, offering a taste of their restaurant experience from Texas. With a hopeful eye on the future, Norma envisions expanding her offerings into a restaurant and a butcher store, setting her aspirations on long-term growth.

Operating hours for Tienda Mexicana La Katty are Monday through Friday: 10:30am to 8pm, Saturdays: 10:30am to 8:30pm, and Sundays: 10:30am to 7pm.

Norma and her team are excited to welcome the community to experience the rich flavors and warm hospitality at Tienda Mexicana La Katty. This new establishment promises to be a hub for cultural connection and community support.

Pictured in the photo left to right:
Erin Prible, Executive Director, Wells County Chamber of Commerce
Jasmine Spriggle, State Farm-Erin Daugherty
Kevin Sills, Farm Bureau Insurance, Chamber Ambassador
Erin Daugherty, State Farm-Erin Daugherty, Chamber Ambassador
Danielle Thompson, Flagstar Bank, Chamber Ambassador
Casey Robbins, F&M Bank, Chamber Ambassador
Steve Higgins, Anthony Wayne Area Council BSA, Special Events
Keith Muhlenkamp, First Merchants Bank, Chamber Ambassador
Katty Navarijo, Tienda Mexicana La Katty
Norma Alicia Nowarijo, Tienda Mexicana La Katty
Ben Renkenberger, United Way of Wells County
Lizzandro Sosa, Tienda Mexicana La Katty
Nick Huffman, Steffen Group, Chamber Ambassador
Erica Lehman, Coldwell Banker-Holloway, Chamber Ambassador
Heather Morgan, National Oil & Gas, Chamber Ambassador
Angie Topp, Thrive Mortgage, Special Events
Katie Stauffer, Parlor City Cabinetry
Chandler Gerber, City of Bluffton

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