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Nicholson Family Dental Honored as October Member of the Month

Nicholson Family Dental Honored as October Member of the Month

The Wells County Chamber of Commerce is delighted to announce Dr. Teresa Nicholson of Nicholson Family Dental as the October Member of the Month. This prestigious recognition is awarded to Dr. Nicholson in appreciation of her dedication and outstanding contributions to the field of dentistry and her commitment to providing exceptional dental care to the Bluffton community.

Dr. Teresa Nicholson, an esteemed dentist with nearly two decades of experience, took ownership of Nicholson Family Dental in Bluffton in 2014. She acquired the practice from Dr. Rob Evans, who was retiring at the time, and was also managing an office in Muncie. Within two years, Dr. Nicholson’s dedication and expertise led to substantial growth in the Bluffton practice, prompting the expansion of the facility to accommodate more patients.

In her pursuit of excellence, Dr. Nicholson made the decision to sell her Muncie practice, allowing her to focus entirely on serving the Bluffton community and eliminating the challenges of managing two offices simultaneously.

Dr. Nicholson’s passion for her profession lies in its flexibility and versatility. She continually seeks to enhance her services, offering a range of treatments beyond traditional dentistry. Among her innovative offerings is “facial rejuvenation,” a procedure designed to address a variety of facial concerns, including scars, wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and large pores. This treatment utilizes a patient’s own blood components to promote healing. Dr. Nicholson expertly performs micro-needling and applies the patient’s platelets to tighten and heal the skin. Her unique qualifications as a dentist also enable her to provide prescription-strength numbing for patient comfort.

Her dedication to patient well-being and her credentials as a licensed practitioner set her apart, allowing her to offer advanced treatments that an esthetician cannot replicate. “The procedure is very good for your complexion and for those of us that are aging it can help with confidence, appearance and simply feel better about ourselves,” explained Nicholson.

One of the remarkable aspects of Dr. Nicholson’s practice is her credentialing at Parkview Hospital to treat children and special needs patients under anesthesia. She provides essential dental care to individuals with complex needs who cannot be treated in a standard dental office setting. Dr. Nicholson has held these credentials at Parkview since 2009, demonstrating her commitment to ensuring access to dental care for all.

Nicholson Family Dental offers a comprehensive range of services, including regular dental cleanings, fillings, extractions, and the innovative facial rejuvenation treatment. Dr. Nicholson said, “I am here to help people and keep them from having major problems. Life isn’t perfect and a mouth isn’t either. I’m not looking for perfection, but I am looking for a logical approval to keeping people’s mouths healthy.”

Nicholson Family Dental is open Monday through Wednesday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm and Thursday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. Dr. Teresa Nicholson and her team look forward to welcoming new and existing patients to experience the exceptional care and expertise that have earned her the title of October Member of the Month by the Wells County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Nicholson Family Dental at 116 East Dustman Road, Bluffton, Indiana, or call 260-824-2811.

Pictured in the photo left to right:
Alyssa Brown, Archbold & Lewis, Chamber Ambassador
Erin Prible, Executive Director, Wells County Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Teresa Nicholson, Nicholson Family Dental
Nick Huffman Steffen Group, Chamber Ambassador
Aubrie Leas, Nicholson Family Dental
Jayde Ketring, First Bank of Berne, Chamber Ambassador
Maddie Jacobs, Nicholson Family Dental
Keith Muhlenkamp, First Merchants Bank, Chamber Ambassador
Andrea Grimm, Nicholson Family Dental
Piercen Harnish, Shelton Financial Group, Chamber Ambassador

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