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Wells County Chamber of Commerce Congratulates Biggs Property Management on Successful Lancaster Senior Apartments Rehabilitation

Wells County Chamber of Commerce Congratulates Biggs Property Management on Successful Lancaster Senior Apartments Rehabilitation

The Wells County Chamber of Commerce staff and Ambassadors gathered on September 18 to extend their heartfelt congratulations to Biggs Property Management for their remarkable efforts in rehabilitating the Lancaster Senior Apartments, located at 1800 Wayne Street in Bluffton. The ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrated the completion of this extensive renovation project, marking a significant improvement to local residents in the community.

Kevan Biggs, President and CEO of Biggs Property Management, expressed his gratitude to the residents and the dedicated team that made this project a reality. He acknowledged the patience and cooperation of the Lancaster Senior Apartments residents who endured the inconveniences caused by the renovations, emphasizing the importance of their involvement in the process.
Mr. Biggs also commended his dedicated team, as well as the subcontractors and suppliers who played a vital role in the successful rehabilitation. He particularly recognized the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which required a swift adjustment of plans and resource allocation over the past several years.

The project’s funding, which was instrumental in its completion, came from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) in the form of a federal tax credit. Jacob Sipe, the Executive Director of IHCDA, was present at the event to represent the organization. He explained that the initiative aimed to preserve affordable housing properties that were originally financed by USDA, with the goal of bundling multiple properties for rehabilitation.

Sipe highlighted the unprecedented scale of the project, which ultimately resulted in the preservation of approximately 50 properties across the state of Indiana, with 11 projects involving Biggs Property Management. This achievement required innovative financing solutions and collaborative efforts, demonstrating the commitment of both Biggs Property Management and IHCDA to ensure affordable and accessible housing for residents.

In his remarks, Sipe praised Kevan Biggs for his leadership and dedication to the housing industry, emphasizing that their partnership had not only preserved existing properties but also led to the creation of additional affordable housing units across the state.

The support of local officials was also acknowledged during the ceremony. The Mayor and City Council members of Bluffton were commended for their unwavering support throughout the project, highlighting the significance of community involvement in such initiatives.

Kevan Biggs expressed his commitment to continuing this work, indicating that two more properties are in the pipeline for rehabilitation. Additionally, he emphasized the need to extend similar partnership efforts to numerous other properties across the state, which are currently deteriorating due to a lack of expertise and resources.

The completion of the Lancaster Senior Apartments renovation is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovative financing, and the dedication of all involved parties. It signifies a brighter future for affordable housing in Indiana and sets an inspiring example for future initiatives.

Cutting the ribbon are staff and residents of Biggs Property Management, Chamber Ambassadors and Board Members.

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