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Wells County Chamber of Commerce Nets Two Awards for Excellence in Innovation

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Wells County Chamber of Commerce Nets Two Awards for Excellence in Innovation

The Wells County Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that it has recently received two prestigious awards from the Indiana Chamber Executives Association (ICEA) for Excellence in Innovation. These annual Excellence Awards recognize innovative new projects introduced by chambers in the past year, highlighting programs that bring fresh ideas and solutions to their communities.

The first award was granted for the formation of the Wells County Drug Taskforce Committee. This initiative emerged in response to an urgent need to tackle drug concerns within the community. The Wells County Chamber of Commerce took on the leadership role in creating this taskforce in August 2023. The committee is a diverse coalition of nearly 40 individuals representing various sectors of the community. They convene monthly, with sub-committees dedicated to raising awareness, disseminating information, and developing programs tailored for employers, youth, parents, and the broader community.

The second award recognized the introduction of the Real Colors Team Building workshop in the workplace. Erin Prible, who received certification as a Real Colors instructor, offers these workshops to local businesses and organizations. Real Colors is a personality assessment tool that enhances communication and collaboration by helping participants understand personality dynamics. The workshops provide a user-friendly and practical approach to uncovering individual temperaments—Gold, Green, Blue, or Orange—and leveraging this knowledge to improve interpersonal relationships and teamwork.

"Through the Real Colors personality assessment, our engaging workshops serve as a platform for participants to uncover their individual temperament and that of others. Armed with this invaluable insight, individuals can cultivate enhanced communication abilities and foster stronger relationships, both within and beyond the professional realm," explained Prible.

Erin Prible and her team are excited to share this award with the community and Chamber Members. "Our goal is to continue to offer programs and resources that are relevant to our Chamber Members. Our team works diligently throughout the year, dedicating their time and talents to serve our members in creative, sustaining, and impacting ways," she added.

The Wells County Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting local businesses and enhancing the community's well-being through innovative programs and strategic partnerships. These awards from ICEA underscore the Chamber's dedication to addressing critical issues and fostering professional development within Wells County.

For more information about the Wells County Chamber of Commerce and its programs, visit their website at or contact their office at 260-824-0510.

Shown in the photo accepting the awards are:

Samantha Creager, Media Manager

Hattie Wondercheck, Program Manager

Erin Prible, Executive Director

Rachel Reinhard, Accounting Manager


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