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Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Ribbon Cutting with T-Mobile 


Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Ribbon Cutting with T-Mobile  

The Wells County Chamber of Commerce staff and Ambassadors officially welcomed T-Mobile to the community. T-Mobile is located at 2155 N Main St., Suite 3 in Bluffton. T-Mobile enhances connectivity and provides unparalleled customer service in rural areas. Led by store manager Wes Meyers, the Bluffton location is part of T-Mobile's broader initiative to extend its reach to underserved communities. 

“We’re thrilled to be here in Bluffton and to have the opportunity to serve this vibrant community,” said Meyers. “Our goal is to bring reliable and high-speed internet and mobile services to areas that have previously lacked support, ensuring that everyone has access to the technology they need.” 

The Bluffton store, which opened in October last year, addresses the gap in local service, eliminating the need for residents to travel to Fort Wayne for their T-Mobile needs. The store offers a wide range of services, including home internet, which is expected to be available in Bluffton by the 4th Quarter this year. This service aims to provide an affordable, high-speed internet option to residents. 

Wes emphasized the store’s commitment to excellent customer service, stating, “Technology is essential in today’s world, whether for personal use or for small businesses. Our team is dedicated to assisting anyone who walks through our doors, whether they are T-Mobile customers or not.” 

For those considering switching carriers, Wes notes that T-Mobile often provides the best coverage in Bluffton at competitive prices. The store offers a variety of promotions for new and existing customers, including free phones with trade-ins and flexible plans without contracts. 

T-Mobile's Bluffton store offers monthly promotions and free gifts to customers, enhancing the value of their service plans. From practical items like solar eclipse glasses to festive holiday gifts, these promotions are designed to show appreciation for their customers. 

The store’s community focus extends beyond its walls, with the team actively participating in local events like the recent car shows. This outreach ensures that residents have access to tech support and can learn about the latest in mobile and internet services. 

“We are here to support people and make sure they get the best possible service,” said Wes. “Our team is one of the best I've worked with, and we are dedicated to doing things the right way.” 

Join us in celebrating this exciting addition to Bluffton’s business community. For more information, visit the new T-Mobile store or contact (260) 206-9500. 

Pictured left to right: 

Ben Renkenberger, United Way of Wells County, Chamber Ambassador 

Erin Prible, Executive Director, Wells County Chamber of Commerce 

Hattie Wondercheck, Wells County Chamber of Commerce 

Casey Robbins, F&M Bank, Chamber Ambassador 

Zane Hudgins, T-Mobile 

Kevin Sills, Farm Bureau Insurance, Chamber Ambassador 

Wes Meyers, T-Mobile 

Kody Kumfer, Forgotten Children Worldwide, Chamber Ambassador 

Nathan Handley, T-Mobile 

Doug Brown, News Banner, Chamber Ambassador 

Julie Thompson, Bluffton Regional, Chamber Board Vice President 

Danielle Thompson, Flagstar Bank, Chamber Ambassador 

Mayor John Whicker 

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