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The Wells County Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the expansion of Perma-Column LLC in Ossian, IN.

Perma-Column Warehouse (1)

The Wells County Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the expansion of Perma-Column LLC in Ossian, IN. The Chamber staff and Ambassadors joined Perma-Column in celebrating this milestone with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at their facility located at 400 Carol Ann Lane, Ossian, IN 46777.  

Mark Stover, President of Perma-Column LLC, shared the inspiring journey of the company, which began in 2003. "Bob Meyer, a pole barn builder, sought an innovative solution to prevent wood posts from rotting in the ground. He developed and patented the original Perma-Column, a five-foot precast concrete column reinforced with rebar and topped with a U-bracket. This design ensures that wooden posts stay above ground level, protecting them from water-related decay," explained Stover. 

In 2017, Morton Buildings, a leading company in the post-frame construction industry, acquired Perma-Column. This acquisition was a significant step as Morton committed to using precast concrete foundations for all its buildings, revolutionizing the industry by eliminating the use of wood in the ground. 

John Russell, then CEO of Morton Buildings, reached out to Mark Stover, who had a history of successful collaboration with him, to lead Perma-Column. Stover, alongside Ken Dearing, Director of Operations, and key employees, focused on elevating the industry by producing high-quality products and achieving ICC certification. This third-party certification confirmed the superior quality of Perma-Column products, building trust with distributors and customers alike. 

Reflecting on the company's growth, Stover added, "There was this core group of eight to ten people. Office lights would go on at 7:30 in the morning and turn off at 4 PM in the afternoon, running the paint line maybe once or twice a week. Today, we have almost 50 employees.” Perma-Column's growth, highlighted by a new break room and a 20,000-square-foot warehouse, underscores the strong market demand for their products. The acquisition of adjacent property further supports future expansion and ongoing investments in advanced equipment and the employee development sector.  

Stover also emphasized the unique culture at Perma-Column as an employee-owned company. "Every dollar we make is ours. It comes to us through stock, profit sharing, pay-for-learning programs, and investments in new technologies and facilities. Our low turnover rate and the dedication of our team highlight that we are a great place to work. We care about our employees and prioritize safety. The rewards are significant for those who show up, work hard, care for others, and do it safely. "  

As an employee-owned company, Perma-Column emphasizes creating a thriving work environment and maintaining its commitment to innovation and excellence. "We are excited about the future and the continuous growth of Perma-Column," said Stover. "Our vision is to build better, build stronger, and build to last. With the new property, we are well-positioned for future expansion and to remain leaders in the industry." 

The Wells County Chamber of Commerce congratulates Perma-Column on its success and expansion, which signifies economic growth and job creation for the community. The ribbon-cutting ceremony marks not just the physical growth of Perma-Column, but also their commitment to excellence and innovation in the construction industry. 

For more information about Perma-Column LLC and their products, please visit their website at The ribbon-cutting photo features Mark Stover and Ken Dearing with their employees, and Chamber Ambassadors. 

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