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Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Ribbon Cutting of New Playground at Family Centered Services

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The Wells County Chamber of Commerce, along with Ambassadors and community supporters, proudly attended the Ribbon Cutting Celebration for the new playground at Family Centered Services, located at 1515 N. Sutton Circle Drive in Bluffton. This event marks the culmination of a four-year effort to provide a dedicated play space for children in the community. 

Paige Hamilton, Executive Director of Family Centered Services, shared the journey of bringing this dream to life. "This playground has been in the works for over four years. Previous staff members, such as Amy George and Sarah Schwartz, who were instrumental in the initial idea, and we are so thankful they are present for this special dedication." 

Hamilton highlighted the importance of the playground for the families they serve. "When parents and children come into our programs, they may be in a session for up to four hours or more, and kids need an outlet. Our rooms are very small, and to ask children to be in a confined area for an extended time is asking a lot. The playground will not only help children release energy but also provide a space where we can coach parent-child interaction. Every parent wants to be a good parent, but they might not know how. We can help them engage and create or rebuild a parent-child bond. It’s a space to engage families together." 

The creation of this playground was made possible through the generous support of the community. "We received a grant from the Wells County Foundation, Lowe’s provided numerous resources, and the Bluffton Rotary Club contributed labor to assemble the playground. Our Board of Directors have been incredibly supportive, organizing and preparing everything for the space. We couldn’t have done this without them," Hamilton expressed with gratitude. 

The Ingle family attended the Ribbon Cutting and dedication of the playground to their late son, Daekota. "It is an honor to dedicate this playground to Daekota, who meant so much to Family Centered Services and our staff. The Ingle family has been very supportive and an intricate part of our organization," said Hamilton. 

The playground is open to the public, and Family Centered Services has plans to enhance the area further. "As we increase our funding capabilities, we will add more equipment and additional picnic tables for gatherings. Our goal is to install a drinking fountain on the side of the building in the near future," Hamilton announced. 

In the ribbon-cutting photo, Cynthia and Doug Ingle are seen alongside their family, FCS Board Members and staff, Chamber Ambassadors, and Board Members, celebrating the opening of this new community asset. 


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