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Wells County Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Kassie Schwartz’s Acquisition of Fields of Grace Boutique

Wells County Chamber of Commerce Celebrates Kassie Schwartz's Acquisition of Fields of Grace Boutique

The Wells County Chamber of Commerce staff and Ambassadors gathered to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations to entrepreneur Kassie Schwartz on the acquisition of Fields of Grace Boutique. The celebratory ribbon-cutting event marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the boutique, located at 207 W Market Street in Bluffton.

Kassie Schwartz, who also owns Magnolias & Minis in Bluffton, shared her unexpected journey to acquiring Fields of Grace. "While I initially intended to expand at my current location, various constraints with the building and property led me to reconsider. When the opportunity to acquire Fields of Grace arose, it was a quick decision filled with excitement," she explained.

Expressing her vision for the boutique's future, Schwartz outlined plans to diversify the product offerings. "I'm passionate about home décor and clothing, so customers can expect an expanded selection in these areas. We'll continue to offer services such as gifts for funerals, flowers for weddings and special events, as well as unique clothing options not found elsewhere," she elaborated.

Fields of Grace will offer an expanded men’s line such as T-shirts and golf shirts and clothing from small through 3X. Some of the popular items such as body butter and soaps will be offered at both locations. “We have brought back the floral bouquets, vases, and wrapped flowers for customers to enjoy as well,” stated Schwartz.

In addition to retaining customer favorites, Fields of Grace will introduce new merchandise lines curated by Schwartz. "I'm collaborating with new vendors to bring a fresh assortment of products to the store such as kitchen items and other clothing options. Our goal is to continually refresh the inventory and provide an engaging shopping experience," Schwartz added.

Fields of Grace will continue to feature the beloved coffee offerings, with Schwartz promising monthly additions to the store's offerings. Operating hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Stay updated on specials and highlights by following Fields of Grace Boutique on Facebook.


Pictured in the photo left to right:

Chandler Gerber, City of Bluffton

Chris Gerber, Edge Manufacturing, Chamber Ambassador

Erica Lehman, Lehman Appraisals, Chamber Ambassador

Erin Prible, Executive Director, Wells County Chamber

Tianna Smith, Fields of Grace Boutique

Ali Lantz, Fields of Grace Boutique

Leander Schwartz, Fields of Grace Boutique

John Stauffer, WEG Commercial Motors, Chamber Board Member

Kassie Schwartz, Fields of Grace Boutique

Kevin Pritchard, Ruoff Mortgage, Chamber Ambassador

Sara Steele, Fields of Grace Boutique

Angie Topp, Stockton Mortgage, Special Events

Tami Steiner, Fields of Grace Boutique

Nick Huffman, Steffen Group, Chamber Ambassador

Sarah MacNeill, Wells County Public Library, Chamber Board Member

Casey Robbins, F&M Bank, Chamber Ambassador

Rachel Reinhard, Wells County Chamber

Ben Renkenberger, United Way of Wells County, Chamber Ambassador

Julie Thompson, Bluffton Regional, Chamber Board Member

Hattie Wondercheck, Wells County Chamber

Trent Bucher, Honegger Ringger & Co, Chamber Board Member

Fields of Grace
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